Director and Facilitator of Dyslexia Gifted, Paddy CarsonPaddy Carson
Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator

Paddy Carson has always been able to see her world from a different perspective, and has the gift to connect with people - and especially children - in a way that makes them feel appreciated.

When Paddy was told that her son was dyslexic she was left to feel that this was a "problem."

Then she read the book, The Gift Of Dyslexia. Paddy found the key to understanding her son's way of thinking and learning. The book reinforced the benefits of being a 3 dimensional visual thinker. After observing the profound changes that occurred in her son as he progressed through his correction program, and continued long after its completion, Paddy undertook the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program Facilitator Training and became a facilitator in 2003.

Paddy has her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood), Diploma of Teaching (Primary), and is the Licensed Davis Dyslexia Correction Program Facilitator and President of Dyslexia Gifted.

Paddy works in Edmonton, and is willing to travel to clients. She has provided successful programs in Bonnyville, Wainwright, Slave Lake, and Grande Prairie.

Dyslexia Gifted Client Quotes

"I went up to check on [my son], and … caught him reading under the blankets. I was so surprised and happy that I gave him 15 extra minutes before I turned the light out."

- Mother of Dyslexia Gifted client

"It can't be this simple."

- "L" - Dyslexia Gifted client

"Now I can get a good education."

- "N" - Dyslexia Gifted client

"Usually I need to think about it to get it right. This time I didn't think about it. I just had to look into my memory to find it. [Using this strategy] helps me think … I've got it just like that! [snap fingers]"

- "K" - Dyslexia Gifted client (recalling information using Picture-At-Punctuation reading strategy)

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